Early Access 10: Realm Wars Patch Notes


  • Weapons and abilities are now separate options inside the forge.
  • Weapons can now go into either weapon slot.
  • Movement abilities will now drop in the Common rarity.
  • Added new animations for turning while on a mount.
  • Sprays and emotes may now be used in the starter zeppelin.
  • Solo Queue has been enabled.
  • Squads Queue has been temporarily disabled.

Realm Wars

  • Two teams of 40 players will face off against each other.
  • Queue up in groups of up to 4 players.
    • Resurrection Scrolls will only resurrect players in your Squad.
  • A single circle is shown at the start of the match for both teams.


  • Lowered the elevation of Jade Gardens to improve traversing.
  • Added big cacti, wagons, and termite mounds in the environment.