Introducing Battle Pass 1: Primal Awakening

Realm Royale has only been on Steam for a month, but things have been evolving quickly! Today, the Realm goes prehistoric with the introduction of the brand new Battle Pass: Primal Awakening. The Battle Pass adds new Chicken Skins, Mount Skins, Class Skins, Skydive Effects, Emotes, Sprays, and more!

With the Battle Pass, you’ll advance through 65 levels of progress, unearthing all sorts of great items along the way! You’ll earn Battle Pass experience in every game you play, with bonus experience awarded for playing like a champion. Each level you gain will unlock a new reward!

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If you can’t afford the Battle Pass, don’t worry. You can level up your Battle Pass and unlock some content just by playing! Plus, you can buy in at any time before the end of the season to unlock all items up to your current Battle Pass level.

Battle Pass 1: Primal Awakening is available in the in-game store for only 950 Crowns. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock exclusive content before it goes extinct.